Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is working!

Many basic functions such as viewing videos on YouTube will not work if your tablet is not connected to the Internet.

You may go through below basic troubleshoots for Wi-Fi connection:

  1. Check your WiFi router/modem documentation to see if it has a pairing button that needs to be pressed. Some modems have such a button that must be pressed the first time you try to make a WiFi connection with a new device.
  2. Try connecting to public wireless network, such as that of Starbucks or McDonalds, to see if it reacts the same way. If it connects, then we know that nothing is wrong with the tablet's Wi-Fi capability.
  3. Reset your router. Turn off your router by unplugging the power, reconnect it after 30 seconds.
  4. Contact your router provider to verify that your router has been updated to its latest firmware.
  5. Turn off the WiFi then turn it back on again. Go to Apps > Settings > Wi-Fi and slide to "OFF" then back to "ON." Your WiFi access point should appear on the right display panel. If you still have trouble locating your access point, please tap "SCAN" on right corner to recheck all access availability again.

**If the tablet still will not connect to Wi-Fi after performing the steps above, please perform a simple incremental test on the router if you can modify its settings. For example, start with no security at all, no WPA, no WEP, etc. If it connects, go to next step. Then, keep security disabled but just enable WPA and a simple password for the WiFi, such as "myshortpass" and test connection. Continue until it connects.

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