How can I transfer files from my PC to my D2 Pad?

Drag and drop is by far the easiest method to transfer content to your tablet from your PC.

  1. Connect the USB cable to your D2 Pad and PC.
  2. Once connected, touch "USB" icon on right bottom corner and select "USB connected".
  3. Touch "Turn on USB storage".
  4. Once connected successfully, it should be recognized immediately by your PC. Open 'My Computer' and you will see your tablet in the list. Double click the icon then double click 'Internal Storage' and you will see the file structure of your tablet. Now you just need to drag the content that you want from the folder on your PC to the tablet. For ease of content management in the library, we recommend that you put video files in the Video folder, music files in the Music folder and image files in the Pictures folder.
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