How can I remove system pre-loaded app?

For newer Android 4.1/4.2 Jelly Bean system models, we currently don't have any solution to delete system App with any application software through market place.

For Android 4.0 users that doesn't have Google Play store enquipped, please go to 1Mobile Market and download an app called “Root App Delete”. Once you installed the Root App Delete, please follow the direction as below:

  • Open Root App Delete - go to “SysApp” - select the app that you want to remove - click “Disable”, then you will see the screen shows “success” on the top of the SysApp.
  • Right now, the app that you disable is located at the Recycler section.
    At this Recycler section, you can choose to remove the app completely from your D2 Pad by click “Uninstall” or put the app back into your D2 Pad system by click “Enable”

If you do not like this “Root App Delete”, you can download any root app remover from any app store, such as 1 Mobile Market or Amazon App Store, by searching “root app remover” or “system app remover”.

**Please be noted that removing system app will void the warranty coverage.

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