How to watch Flash-based videos on the internet browser?

** Please kindly be noted that most of the models have already pre-loaded with the flash player and for models with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean system, please use the recommended "Maxthon Browser" to have best viewer experience for flash based website.

In order for the internet browser to play YouTube videos properly, please try the following actions:

  1. Download Flash Player 11.1 to your PC.
  2. Connect your D2 Pad to your PC with the mini USB-to-USB cable included in the original box.
  3. In 5-10 seconds, the words "USB connected" should appear on the bottom righthand corner of your D2 Pad screen. Click on it. (If you do not see it, please press the right side of the bottom status bar, and it should pop up.)
  4. Once you've clicked "USB connected," the USB Mass Storage page will appear. From there, click "Turn on USB storage," then hit "OK." Your PC will now recognize the D2 Pad driver as "DIIPAD (E:)"
  5. Click the D2 Pad driver to choose where to drag and drop the Flash Player file (“install_flash_player_ics.apk”) from your PC. You should see a list of folders to choose from, such as Documents or Downloads. You may make a new folder as well.
  6. Once you've transferred the Flash Player file, safely eject the D2 Pad driver from your PC.
  7. On your D2 Pad, go to Applications -> File Manager (or "Explorer" in some models), then open the folder that holds the Flash Player file.
  8. Click the file (“install_flash_player_ics.apk”), then click “OK” when asked to replace application. Flash Player 11.1 will now be installed on your D2 Pad.
  9. After the flash player is well installed, please go to the internet browser.
  10. On the top right corner, click the “3 dots” icon and a menu will drop down.
  11. Swipe down all the way to the bottom and click on “Setting.”
  12. On the bottom left click on “Debug.”
  13. The “Browser Mode” option will show. Click on it.
  14. A window will pop up and click on “Android”

This should allow the internet browser to play most of Flash-based videos correctly.

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