How do I activate Parental Control on the tablet?

Although the D2 tablet itself does not include special settings to implement parental control, there is a preloaded app named "Kids Place" or "Kido'z" on some models, which is an app that helps parents set their tablets into a special "child’s mode" locked by a PIN. (You also have the option of downloading another parental control app if you wish.) Once you have created a PIN for Kids Place, you may then choose which apps your child may access. Before letting your child use the tablet, simply click on the Kids Place or Kido'z app to activate child’s mode. To exit Kids Place or Kido'z, enter your PIN again.

*NOTE: Please always record your chosen PIN for your own reference as D2 does not have a way of retrieving it if it is forgotten.

To ensure that your child does not access inappropriate materials via the internet browser, we suggest downloading a browser that enforces content filtering.

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