My tablet seems to be running slower than when I originally got it, what can I do?

If you feel like your tablet’s response and performance time has slowed, you may have dozens of apps running in the background that have been kept opened, causing the tablet to perform slower. This affects performance speed as well as battery life. You may also check to see if the tablet is downloading a routine Windows update, which can cause the system to use more resources for downloading and installation. It is recommended to allow the tablet to finish its updates before proceeding with any heavy use.

To see what apps are running, swipe in from the left edge of the screen (do release hold yet) and you will grab an open app’s thumbnail. While holding onto the app’s thumbnail, a black bar will appear on the left side of the screen. Slowly move the app thumbnail into the black bar and it will display all the thumbnails of your open apps.

To remove an app, first select the app to open it. Once opened, slide from the top edge of the screen all the way to the bottom edge to completely close the app. Repeat the process to close any additional apps.

If you feel that your tablet continues to perform slowly after following our suggested steps, we recommend restarting the tablet or resetting it from the “Update and recovery” section within the PC Settings menu. Resetting the tablet to factory settings is simple and quick (usually less than 20 min) and could potentially save you a call to customer support or a return. However, if you choose to “Remove everything and reinstall Windows,” it does mean that you will have to re-download some apps and re-transfer media to the tablet.

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